Blogging My Work on Behalf of the Jewish People

SociallyGold-Banner-3I wrote a guest blog for SociallyGold, entitled Why I Blog.  Here is a summary of what you will find there:

“My work is connected; I started blogging to share my connection to the work. . . . I educate on behalf of the Jewish people.  My blog helps me articulate this underlying drive. . . . For years, I hesitated to start a blog. . . . And then, one day, I started. . . . After a number of posts and drafts of posts, I can say that my blog is an essential component of my work.  It is both the follow through and the invitation to learning with me. . . .

I am grateful to Adam Goldberg, who runs Socially Gold, for the chance to write this blog post for a few reasons:

  1. I get to reflect on the larger project of my blog.
  2. I learned how to share blog posts to extend my reach.
  3. I hope to model a way for Hillel, and others, to share successes and challenges in a deeper way.

After all, I believe in my work.  My blog is one more tool to advance it, a tool I find to have increasing returns.”  Here’s the link again; go read the full text.  Feel free to come back here to comment!


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