This Blog

A few words about this blog: it’s called “חי-er ed” because my main topics will be higher education (I work on the campus of the University of Delaware), experiential education (I believe in lived learning), and Jewish education (the people of Israel live, in Hebrew חי).

A few words about you, the reader: I am writing to engage you in dialogue so that we both learn.  You do not need a college degree to share my concerns; you do not need to be Jewish to share my tradition’s wisdom; you DO need to participate to help me be a better educator.

My Soul Story

I believe my purpose in this life is to educate, to participate with willing learners in the process of bringing knowledge and wisdom to the fore and to help the less willing see the relevance of such a process.

I believe that who I am at work and at home, at play and at rest, in reflection and in action, is the same.  I am constantly living a lecture of learning.

I believe that we are all hungry for wisdom and that we all need an opportunity to ask our questions not only in safety but also in community.



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